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Medals under Kalana mithuru poth sumithuru programme for the highest book readers having read books a tour in China for hundred students who support the best reports

To enhance the habit of reading books among school children of Sri Lanka, with the idea of encouraging them to read, the national reading promotion programme-kalana mithuru poth sumithuru introduced for the school system now has become famous among school children, the first stage student evaluation is due in coming September.

On a concept of education minister Mr. Akila Viraj Kariyawasam Attorney at Law identifying reading habit as a necessity of children who seek for new world knowledge through technology this programme has come in to operation measuring of school children’s reading skills in 4 main stages as schools, zones provincial and national from last year month of August. The students of grade 6-13 of all schools of island have been provided the opportunity to join this programme to enhance the habit of reading books.

This programme will clearly enable to identify the most suitable books to read, develop reading habits by reading often through that to enhance knowledge, understanding and entertainment. All students who participate for this will have to submit a literature based report on the books that was read by students. Among those reports the students who submit the best report can join with the best school readers of the year and have the opportunity to gain platinum, gold and silver medals. Hence, nearly 3000 students reading highest number of books have become eligible for medals this year. Accordingly, the platinum medal for students who submit reports reading more than 100 books, gold medal for read between 75-100 books, Silver for students who read between 50-75 books will be offered.             

The Circulars containing all details about this programme continuously in operation annually have been forwarded to all schools, further details can be obtained from ministry of education website